Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rhapsody in Blue

One of the many things I've learned from Ravelry is that there's an underlying cult of redheaded knitters evidenced by the development of the Redheads group early on. (There still aren't blonde or brunette groups.) Discussions range from properly choosing yarn color appropriate for a redhead- almost never yellow - and whether or not we're in danger of extinction.

Then there's the Anne of Green Gables group dedicated to "all things Anne" which doesn't assert that members must be redheads but I've noticed most are thusly endowed. Dialogue includes WWAK (What Would Anne Knit) and the AGG R&KAL in which I'm currently ensconced. [Note: The RAL has spurred the employment of grand, flowery words into my vocabulary. Here's a thesaurus.] The idea of the R&KAL was to knit what Anne might knit or wear at the least. The beauty of an online group is that no one is around to gaze at me with disdain when they discover that I'm listening along and knitting projects Anne would never wear. That said, in typical Anne fashion, I am frequently bowled over by the multitude of exquisite and interesting projects I want to knit which is why I'm trying my best to stick to my current queue.
Here's one such finished garment:
The pattern is Childhood - it knit up so fast and so fun. The yarn is Laines du Nord Baby Cover which was just delicious and is even machine washable. This was the first time I'd sewn on snaps, but they looked cute and sturdy after I'd finished.
Although the bear relished wearing Childhood for a brief time, the lucky recipient is my almost-niece Audrey. I've requested the garment be worn to death and I shudder with joy each time I picture Miss Audrey on the playground staying warm & toasty in her striped hooded cardigan during a rousing game of Red Rover.

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