Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fast Lane

There's just nothing like knitting a garment I can actually wear. After the great success of Lift and Separate, I was excited to move on to More Stripes. Although I despise Noro yarns in general, the pattern called for Silk Garden & Moma just happened to have 8 skeins of 2 different perfectly acceptable colorways that were perfectly loverly. A fast, fun challenging knit ensued -made more exciting by the stEEKing involved. This is a technique I've wanted to try since Yarn Harlot wondered at its mysteriousness.

I completed the back & the front in one piece each then had to wait around in anticipation while I searched out a sewing machine. Moma was kind enough to being one along to meet me on a recent trip down south. After a couple of quick turns, I had the stitches I needed to move along my merry way. I had to wait on the rest until I got home...
That Monday loomed ahead of me. I was both terrified and excited. I located my sharpest sewing scissors and got into position. Then, I started to cut...

It was thrilling to cut into the dense knitted material. I sat agog with disbelief that the stEEKing was actually working - the material really wasn't unraveling!! What an amazing tehnique!

Finishing was quite speedy as well and I had a wearable sweater vest in practically no time.

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