Friday, December 26, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas

The second day of Christmas was a Norman Rockwell type day at the Loo Family house. We started the morning with fresh baked gingerbread and coffee and I knit.

In the afternoon, Moma and I had tea and biscuits while we watched Christmas In Connecticut. And we knit.
In the evening, Moma and my darling brother (of the [not so] fingerless gloves) started to cook a lovely dinner of pork tenderloin, potatoes with brussel sprouts and mushroom bread pudding. And I knit.

We had cocktails by the tree while we listened to Christmas music. And I needed mine to knit.
I hope your holidays have been as picturesque.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Striped Christmas Stocking
by Sara Lucas and Allison Isaacs

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Perfect World

I see a world where there's a room full of yarn and everyone you meet is interested in whether you knit that sleeve flat or in the round and you have time to sit and knit from breakfast thru dinner. No one bats an eye when you pull out your knitting at the local tavern and they're only staring because they're envious of that hand-dyed merino wool you're petting and want to know where you picked that up. This world is where the greatest fiber arts minds gather and pass on their love and knowledge of all things knit. On the first weekend of November 2008, this world existed in Stitches East.
I was fortunate enough to accompany Moma to Stitches East this year in Baltimore. It was my first knitting convention. I found it comforting, daunting, and exciting all at the same time. It was quite comforting to be amoung "my own kind, " daunting to see a room full of yarn which meant a lot of difficult decisions and exciting to be surrounded by so much...knitting (knitting people, knitted garments, knitting accessories). But, armed with my list of upcoming projects, a map of the convention center and my class list, I was ready.
I had a full class load. Not surprisingly, my 2 favorites were classes where I got to finish projects:

Entrelac Basics with Gwen Bortner where I finished this felted cup holder

and Knitting with Wire with Nancie Wiseman where I finished this bracelet.

An extended weekend with nonstop knitting, finished projects and discounted yarn purchases is my kind of utopia.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Somebody's Baby

I've found yet another benefit of knitting for babies - PICTURES!! When I knit for friends, I ask (beg) for pictures of them wearing the finished product, but I have a difficult time obtaining the picture. However, these same friends LOVE to send me pictures of their precious offspring, so I've had a better rate of return on that front.