Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fast Lane

There's just nothing like knitting a garment I can actually wear. After the great success of Lift and Separate, I was excited to move on to More Stripes. Although I despise Noro yarns in general, the pattern called for Silk Garden & Moma just happened to have 8 skeins of 2 different perfectly acceptable colorways that were perfectly loverly. A fast, fun challenging knit ensued -made more exciting by the stEEKing involved. This is a technique I've wanted to try since Yarn Harlot wondered at its mysteriousness.

I completed the back & the front in one piece each then had to wait around in anticipation while I searched out a sewing machine. Moma was kind enough to being one along to meet me on a recent trip down south. After a couple of quick turns, I had the stitches I needed to move along my merry way. I had to wait on the rest until I got home...
That Monday loomed ahead of me. I was both terrified and excited. I located my sharpest sewing scissors and got into position. Then, I started to cut...

It was thrilling to cut into the dense knitted material. I sat agog with disbelief that the stEEKing was actually working - the material really wasn't unraveling!! What an amazing tehnique!

Finishing was quite speedy as well and I had a wearable sweater vest in practically no time.

Asleep at the Wheel

I came across someone's blog the other day (so sorry, can't remember whose) wherein the blogger referred to her hibernating projects. I like that term ever so much more than WIPs or UFOs - terms which some might infer as "I should feel guilty that the poor little project sits untouched & unloved in a dark corner closet collecting dust just hoping a kind soul will come along and help it fulfill its dream of becoming a FO." Instead, it's just hibernatin'...taking a well-deserved rest or a even a sabbatical so both the project & I can reflect on what its true destiny might be. Perhaps it was originally intended to move on to a little boy in Memphis but somehow Memphis lost its appeal (or said boy moved to L.A. where one wouldn't need a warm sweater).

Here's one project that's come out of hibernation. It's Sirdar's Tiny Tots #1560 Sweater and the yarn is Rowan Cashsoft DK. Although its final destination isn't quite clear, it's certainly enjoying the journey made more felicitous after a good year's sabbatical.

Rhapsody in Blue

One of the many things I've learned from Ravelry is that there's an underlying cult of redheaded knitters evidenced by the development of the Redheads group early on. (There still aren't blonde or brunette groups.) Discussions range from properly choosing yarn color appropriate for a redhead- almost never yellow - and whether or not we're in danger of extinction.

Then there's the Anne of Green Gables group dedicated to "all things Anne" which doesn't assert that members must be redheads but I've noticed most are thusly endowed. Dialogue includes WWAK (What Would Anne Knit) and the AGG R&KAL in which I'm currently ensconced. [Note: The RAL has spurred the employment of grand, flowery words into my vocabulary. Here's a thesaurus.] The idea of the R&KAL was to knit what Anne might knit or wear at the least. The beauty of an online group is that no one is around to gaze at me with disdain when they discover that I'm listening along and knitting projects Anne would never wear. That said, in typical Anne fashion, I am frequently bowled over by the multitude of exquisite and interesting projects I want to knit which is why I'm trying my best to stick to my current queue.
Here's one such finished garment:
The pattern is Childhood - it knit up so fast and so fun. The yarn is Laines du Nord Baby Cover which was just delicious and is even machine washable. This was the first time I'd sewn on snaps, but they looked cute and sturdy after I'd finished.
Although the bear relished wearing Childhood for a brief time, the lucky recipient is my almost-niece Audrey. I've requested the garment be worn to death and I shudder with joy each time I picture Miss Audrey on the playground staying warm & toasty in her striped hooded cardigan during a rousing game of Red Rover.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Sounds of Silence

Knitting blogs (including mine) are eerily quiet. Knitting needles have stopped clacking all over the world. Where have all the knitters gone???

They're at a BIG 'OL PARTY called RAVELRY!!

I was lucky enough to receive my invitation several weeks ago. So far, I've added my complete knitting library as well as my inventory of needles and photos of my stash. Then I went thru my knitting scrapbooks and added info on some of my completed projects as well. THEN, I started joining groups. The Pug Lovers group, the Heros group, the Grey's Anatomy group, the Baby cakes group, the....hmmmm maybe these groups are a bit out of control....anyway, then I started adding projects to my queue and I have quite enough to last for a while. It's just been so much fun - I've barely had time to knit - or work.

I'm a bit of a ravelry-aholic (there's a group for that too!!). I had to establish some rules. So: 1. No ravelry while I'm on the subway - I'll knit instead. (Of course, I don't have a computer on the subway anyway so...). Ok -that's the only rule. Still, ya gotta start somewhere.

Now, I have to get back to the mean work.