Saturday, October 27, 2007

Asleep at the Wheel

I came across someone's blog the other day (so sorry, can't remember whose) wherein the blogger referred to her hibernating projects. I like that term ever so much more than WIPs or UFOs - terms which some might infer as "I should feel guilty that the poor little project sits untouched & unloved in a dark corner closet collecting dust just hoping a kind soul will come along and help it fulfill its dream of becoming a FO." Instead, it's just hibernatin'...taking a well-deserved rest or a even a sabbatical so both the project & I can reflect on what its true destiny might be. Perhaps it was originally intended to move on to a little boy in Memphis but somehow Memphis lost its appeal (or said boy moved to L.A. where one wouldn't need a warm sweater).

Here's one project that's come out of hibernation. It's Sirdar's Tiny Tots #1560 Sweater and the yarn is Rowan Cashsoft DK. Although its final destination isn't quite clear, it's certainly enjoying the journey made more felicitous after a good year's sabbatical.

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