Sunday, May 27, 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bust a Move

This weekend's projects are part of a whole bigger stash busting endeavor. I keep my small stash, UFOs & other knitting provisions in a cedar chest & I hope to have it mostly empty by the end of the year. I must admit that this is when it's advantageous to have several friends having several babies. Babies don't take much yarn. Here's the stash I hope to use up this weekend:

Friday, May 25, 2007

Love You Til Tuesday

Ahhhhhh....I love the beginning of a long weekend. (Since I got to leave work a bit early,) I get a whole extra day and a half to get things done around the house like yardwork and general cleaning...and knitting. I've got several things on the agenda for this weekend:

  • finish 2nd sleeve of cardigan (completed a/o 5/26 11:42P
  • put together "Lift and Separate" cardigan (blocking a/o 5/26 11:54P)
  • knit a couple of change purses for some friends
  • knit 3 blocks for a friend's baby
  • knit a purse with fringe with friend's 2 yr old (completed a/o 5/28 1:56P)
  • wash dishes (completed a/o 5/26 2:03P)
  • weed-eat the yard (completed a/o 5/26 6:48P)
  • clean the air conditioner (completed a/o 5/26 2:58P)

Huh...just realized how far down the list yardwork is...makes me wonder whether I'll get to that...

In other news: Today I realized I can knit while standing on the subway. I'm so excited about it. I'm always so bummed when I don't get a seat because I can't knit. Now if I can just figure out how to knit while doing the dishes....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How Long

I never realized I have such long arms.

I always thought my arms were proportional to my body, but then, I guess arm length doesn't really impact your life so much....until you have to knit sleeves. This pattern starts at the cuff, has some simple increasing, then suggests you knit in stockinette to your underarm before you get to the next bit. Well, I'm telling you now that it's an inordinately long way from my wrist to my underarm.

I've started to consider 3/4 length sleeves for this sweater. I suppose some people would consider that a cop-out. I think it's creative problem-solving.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mama Tried

Ode to My Moma

Please allow me a minute on this special occassion
to honour My Moma
who deserves celebration.

My Moma is young and cool and fun,
loving and generous,
crafting handmade gifts for everyone.

She taught me to knit; the reason I rhyme
She passed on her talent
My Moma gave me her time.

When I couldn't remember how to knit one square inch,
it was due to her teaching
that relearning was a cinch.

I knit her some socks in order to say
I love you
on this My Moma's 30th Mother's Day.