Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wishin' and Hopin'

Looking for an apartment in NYC is like trying to find someone who doesn't think Britney Spears is crazy. You might find one guy but, chances are, that guy is a little bit nuts himself. I stumbled upon my own minor lunacy today during a chat with Moma and realized my knitting affair has even infiltrated my apartment hunt. On the inside, I've pondered where I'll put the cedar chest which houses my stash & current project(s), as well as how the light from the windows will affect my hobby. On the outside, I've considered the proximity of yarn stores and whether the commute will allow ample knitting time.
Is that crazy? (rhetorical question) I don't think so - it's just being conscientious. It's being a smart shopper. Of course, maybe Britney doesn't think she's crazy either.

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