Thursday, August 30, 2007

Best of Me

I was thinking a little too much this morning (pre-coffee) and it suddenly dawned on me why knitting is my niche - genetics. For me, knitting requires the best traits that I inherited from each of my parents.

Moma is creative - some might call her crafty. Ever since I've known her (pretty much my whole life), she's been good at all things home economic-y -- sewing, cooking, embroidery, home decor, art, smocking, gardening and knitting.
My daddy gets the job done. No matter what it is or in what order it was left, if it needs be finished up, my daddy can do it.

For a while, there was doubt that I was Moma's daughter - except for that whole she gave birth to me thing. When I'm not burning Rice Krispie treats or killing cacti, I'm also not sewing a straight line or perusing paint colors. It's not that Moma didn't try, it's just that my talents do not lie in those areas. Then along came knitting -finally Moma could see a little her in me not to mention that she had a new partner in fiber crime.
There's never been any doubt that I am my daddy's daughter. Whenever anyone in my family is annoyed with me, they blame my paternal heritage. I accept it as a compliment.

Knitting is truly the optimum use of my best traits. Now I think my traits & I shall go back to getting it done in a most crafty way.

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