Friday, July 27, 2007

You're So Vain

I haven't had time to post because I've been shamelessly showing off my new sweater and accepting all sorts of compliments on it. Everyone's acted so amazed that I knit is myself and that it's my first one and how wonderful am I. I like to impress people. I was always good at "Show & Tell".

On a less gloaty note, Moma came up for a short trip last weekend. The weather tried to interfere, but we were not daunted. We still made it to 4 yarn stores in 2 days. On Friday, we headed uptown to String to check out their ample supply of cashmere & silk. Everyone was cheerful and I'd go again just to check out their samples - just the cutest little sweaters & coats - all original patterns. After that, we headed over to Knitty City. Their website says they are "one of the friendliest knitting stores in New York City" and that they "have the best and most up-to-date knitting books on the market." I agree that they were very friendly and that they had LOTS of knitting books. They have so many knitting books that even Moma found some she didn't already own. The store itself was a bit overwhelming with all the books and all the yarn just a bit all over the place.

On Saturday we hopped over to The Point. I had a 25% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket & had finally decided to try Clapotis (apparently pronounced clap-o-tea...who knew!). I love The Point. I love that they are open late and that everyone is so helpful. Most of the yarn subs were a bit out of the price range I'd set even with that coupon, but one helpful person suggested a bamboo yarn from Southwest Trading Company in a color called Midori. As luck would have it 1. I've been wanting to try bamboo yarn for quite some time now 2. It fit perfectly into my price range 3. Even the name of the color perfectly evokes the surprise recipient of this piece. So, Clapotis went on the needles that night and I hope to finish by next weekend.

Our last yarn related stop was Brooklyn General. It's just the cutest little shop all nestled in Carroll Gardens...all very well organized.

Moma says there are 26 yarn stores in NYC and we only have 18 to go.

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