Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm So Excited!

As I watch Michael Phelps during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, I too am inspired to overachieve. I mean, 10 Olympic Gold Medals - come on!!! Now, how can I reach a similar goal in knitting??..... If I'd been more creative, I would have attempted to finish 10 project with 10 skeins in 10 days or something....I'll have to settle for 5 projects with 11 skeins in 17 days. I've already medaled in 2 Ravelympics events:

Hat Dash

Although I finished it in a day, I endured 3 false starts.
1 I ran out of yarn with a couple of rows to go, so I frogged the whole thing.
2 I only CO 69 sts & cut 2 rows from the band. At the end, it was too short and I had lots of leftover yarn. So, I ribbed it out to the last straight row.
3 I added a couple more straight rows, but ran out of yarn again, so I ribbed back a couple of rows and
4 I K2tog for 2 rows before finishing and had just enough yarn to finish the hat.

Free-For-All FreestyleAn adjustment had to be made to this pattern…due to gauge problems. I ended up CO 40 sts instead of the 28 recommended. Also, I hate knitting with this yarn. I actually tossed the rest after I finished this project.
I'm well into my Baby Dressage entry. It's the Quickie Baby Sweater and it's going ridiculously well.

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