Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Holding Out for a Hero

Superman had a cape.
Batman had a utility belt.
Wonder Woman had bracelets.
I finished the 4th heat in these Ravelympics last night while watching Superman in Bryant Park. I'm thrilled! I ended up knitting both bottom and top layers with Debbie Bliss Cathay and just added Ironstone Pizzazz (no link available) as the cast for the bottom layer. I don't generally like novelty yarns, but I had this left over and I think it makes the armwarmers more whimsical. According to several HGTV shows, that's a good thing.
I CO this morning for so you think you can hat by insanknitty. It should be a quick knit easily finishable by Closing Ceremonies on Saturday. Now that I've jinxed myself...I may be calling for Spiderman...or Catwoman...or Dr. Bombay if I run into problems...

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Anonymous said...

Love the gaunlets! Good job. Yes, whimsy is a good thing.