Friday, June 13, 2008

A Horse With No Name

I've been working on my current project for a little longer than I'd like to admit...Ravelry tells me I cast on 14 May...this may the first time I haven't appreciated the wealth of info on Ravelry. I've learned a few things since 14 May. I've learned to read directions carefully otherwise you might knit 72 rows and only increase 2 stitches every 7 rows instead of 4 stitches every 7 rows. I've learned that you and your knitting can be on a train for 20 hours, but you will still only knit about 2 inches of straight stitch. And I learned that weaving in and snipping the ends is trickier than you might think when you are watching So You Think You Can Dance. And now there is a hole in my "Little Sister's Dress." I'll talk about that more later when I recover from the trauma.

I'd like to end on happy note. Tomorrow is WWKIP Day so you'll find me on the Broolyn Museum steps. I will not be knitting "Little Sister's Dress."

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