Tuesday, March 25, 2008


In her blog yesterday, The Yarn Harlot (insert Hallelujah Chorus here) wrote about "Inexplicable Knitter Behavior." As usual, her obervations were astute and HI-larious.

On the subway this morning, I realized that a few more people than usual were staring while I was knitting. Ok, well...I wasn't knitting exactly. You know how sometimes you have to double your yarn because you bought the 4-ply instead of the wool cotton and they are very different gauges and then the yarn starts to wind up on itself? (Of course you do.) That was happening to me while I was knitting the sleeves for the Baby Baseball Tee (without mittens or pocket). So, I finished the row, then pushed the twisty part down toward the needles and held the whole thing by the yarn so that sleeve/needles turned round and round untwisting itself - had to do this part in the isle of the subway car where there was room. Then I continued knitting the sleeve. I suppose to the other strap-hangers in my subway car this was inexplicable behavior....but how do they get kinks out of their yarn?

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