Friday, January 23, 2009

Trapped in the Closet

I think Yarn Harlot's daughter has been peeking in my closet (see "Excuse the Seventh").

How did she know that I have multiple hats, many scarves & a few pairs of gloves...but none of them match. There's not even a hat/glove or scarf/hat combo amoung all the hand-knits.

It seems strange considering that I'm a knitter. I'm the knitter. Of all the hand-knits in my closet (except one fabulously warm scarf knit by Moma). If I knit them all & I like them all, then shouldn't something match?! It's a conundrum.

But enough wallowing in my guilt and issues like the cobbler's son not having shoes. One of my goals for the winter was to leave it with a matching, or at the very least coordinating, set. I'd planned to clean out the closet & lay everything out on my bed & make a list of what I had & what I needed. I'd planned to knit only new accessories that matched the older ones.

Then came the order for the Striped Christmas Stockings. I promised my friend I'd make them & she was actually paying me. No one was paying me to make accessories for myself. Besides, how long could a couple of stockings take...a little longer than I thought actually. By the time I was finished I had to start the Twisted Tree Pullover so I'd finish in time for Christmas. It's my Godson's Christmas Sweater! You'll see that later.

So, it was just after Christmas that I arrived back in NYC with a few new skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a beautiful shade of teal - which matched nothing in my closet. I had a solution, though. I simply ignored the closet & knit myself a pair of I'm a Little Bit Cold, I'm a Little Bit Rock & Roll gloves. Then the knitting gods smiled on me.

I'd finished this random piece of fabric forever-ago & didn’t know what to call it. I LOVED the color so much that I thought I’d make a scarf with it, but I was using a random hank of yarn that was leftover from someone else’s project & it wasn’t enough for a full length scarf. So, it sat on a chair in my apartment for at least a year. As I finished the gloves, I glanced over to the chair…and realized these were EXACTLY the same color as the random piece of fabric I’d made forever-ago. So, I slapped on some coordinating buttons & called it a cowl or sometimes a short scarf & named the pattern “That’s All Right Mama” cuz Moma was gonna knit me a cowl, but now I’ve got one.

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