Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Ketchup Song

Ravelry has encouraged my OCD like no other thing could. It drives me crazy that I don't have pictures of every FO I've ever made as well as current photos of my WIPs. Each time I log in, I know the project page is gonna come up and I'm gonna see BIG WHITE SQUARES taunting no featured photo. So, I've been stalking everyone for whom I've ever knitted anything. People all over the country are getting weekly reminders that I was nice enough to knit something for them and I'd appreciate a photo in return. This may seem a bit rude but, since I only knit for those I really love, they seem to love and understand me enough to get past the rude part & GET ME A PICTURE! To those individuals who've fulfilled their obligation, I salute you by posting your picture:


Striped Baby Blanket (my pattern; Dale of Norway Baby Ull)

Knitted Blocks (Knitting to Go; scrap yarn)

Dishcloth Baby Blanket (Moma's pattern; Velvet Touch)

Mal's Grandmother
Knitted Elephant (Last Minute Knitted Gifts; random stash yarn)

To those who haven't yet provided a picture: I'll be in touch:)

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