Friday, April 06, 2007

Baby Mine

My new godson is also my new guinea pig. He gets the stuff I'm dying to make, but for which I may not have a recipient. He also gets stuff I'm not too sure about....which is where this blanket comes in. I was dying to make this blanket (aka my slightly complicated cable commission), but wasn't altogether pleased with the picked up stitches for the border. I LOVE the cable pattern in the middle & the general idea of the blanket, though.

I used the Endora pattern from Berroco and Berroco's Lullaby & Plush as called for. Both yarns have great texture and is very snuggly for a baby, but the Lullaby has so much stretch that I found it difficult to pick up the stitches for the border. It was definitely holey around the sides.

I made the bootees & hat as well - just using up some stash yarn.

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Chickiebaby said...

It all looks good! And he is really cute.